Cafe Tiffany's Menu
Grilled snacks on toast
Tasty cheese     7.90
Ham and tasty cheese   10.50
Tomato and tasty cheese   9.50
Ham, tomato and tasty cheese     11.90
Bacon and tasty cheese       10.50
Ham, cheese and pineapple   11.90
Asparagus spears and tasty cheese 11.90
Sweetcorn, bacon and cheese     11.90
Ham, avocado and cheese   11.90
Smoked turkey and cheese   10.90
Avocado, turkey and cheese   11.90
Avocado, mushroom and cheese 11.90
Egg dishes and omelettes
Bacon, eggs and tomato on toast     11.90
Eggs: poached, fried or scrambled
on toast with grilled tomato 
Bacon and cheese omelette
with salad and chips 
Chicken omelette with salad
and chips  
Mushroom omelette with salad
and chips 
Spanish omelette with salad
and chips


Prepared daily and served with a crusty bread roll and butter
Minestrone  8.20
Cream of mushroom 8.20
Chicken 7.50
Pasta dishes
Spaghetti Bolognese   13.90
Fettucine Alfredo: with ham,
mushrooms and cream
Tortellini Milano with bacon, cream chilli and fresh tomato sauce 15.90
Lasagne: baked daily, served
with fresh garden salad
Fettucine vegetariana  15.90
Calamari: deep fried and served with a garden salad and fries 17.50
Fisherman's basket: a medley ofseafood with salad and fries 20.50
Fish of the day: grilled with
salad and fries or vegetables
Main meals
served with a garden salad and fries or fresh vegetables of the day (All steaks 300gm and char - grilled)
Sirloin steak: New York cut 19.50
Pepper Steak 21.90
Steak Dianne 21.90
Steak Chasseur  21.90
Steak Mexicana 21.90
 Wiener Schnitzel 18.20
Veal Parmigiana: crumbed veal
with grilled cheese and tomato
Veal mushroom               21.90
Veal Saltimbocca: crumbed veal with ham, grilled cheese and tomato 21.90
Roast chicken with vegetables and
Hamburger: two 100% beef patties
with salad and fries 
Open steak sandwich: 200gm
grain fed sirloin with salad and fries
This is just a sample.
There are many more dishes on a menu
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